Flue Gas Recovery Sweden secures 1,8 MSEK funding for its Energy Turbo FGR® solution

Flue Gas Recovery Sweden (FGRS), has been granted 1,8 MSEK by the Swedish Energy Agency as part of the program “Verification of new energy innovations”.

The grant will support three pilot systems’ implementation during the year 2017 to perform further verifications and validations of the company’s Energy Turbo FGR®. The Energy Turbo FGR® is a state of the art solution that recovers both sensible and latent heat energy in the gas by the use of heat exchangers and active cooling. The efforts are expected to further increase product efficiency and reduce soot emissions from existing heating systems, with the ultimate goal to further prepare its commercial phase. The first pilot installation will take place in Gothenburg in cooperation with High Tech Solutions Byggvärme in Lidköping, Sweden.

The grant follows a call from the Swedish Energy Agency to support technology and business development that will enable and accelerate the transformation of the energy system. The “Verification of new energy innovations” program focuses on innovations that can help increase the supply of renewable energy or energy efficiency, while demonstrating a clear customer benefits, good business potential and good prospects for reaching a large-scale application. The call targeted small and mid-sized companies (SMEs) in Sweden as well as individual researchers and innovators.


FGRS is granted support for IPR activities from the Swedish Energy Agency (Energi Myndigheten)


FGRS is accepted as a supported start up to the InnoEnergy Highway®

InnoEnergy Highway® offers all the services we need to transform our idea into a successful business.


FGRS wins Innovation of the Year

Since 2009 Science Park Jönköping has awarded an annual prize for Innovation of the Year at the Jönköping Gala. The award is given to a company associated with Science Park who through new technology, high ambition and drive has demonstrated good potential for growth.

This year the prize was won by FGRS – Flue Gas Recovery Sweden.

This year’s winner has a strong focus on the needs of society and a drive to create a better world for us and future generations. Thanks to an innovative technology that significantly reduces emissions from heat generation, the company’s flue gas recycling helps create a cleaner world and contributes to a reduced greenhouse effect.

By also increasing the efficiency of heat generation the innovation offers a fast return on investment for customers and thereby a major economic drive for this to become an international top-seller.

Congratulations to FGRS!